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6,000 fish planted in Bílina on Earth Day


Unipetrol RPA and the Czech Anglers Union (North Bohemian Regional Board, Ústí nad Labem) released approximately 6,000 fish into the Bílina River today. These included the common roach, common rudd, orfe and smaller numbers of the common bream. These species were evaluated as the most suitable for the next stage in stocking the Bílina River. Today's event is part of the long-term cooperation between Unipetrol RPA and the Czech Anglers Union in Ústí nad Labem, which began in 2010. The release of these fish is part of Unipetrol RPA's contribution to Earth Day, which is celebrated all over the world on 22 April.

"Recent monitoring results from the Czech Anglers Union show that the regular release of fish significantly helps improve their population in the Bílina River , especially its lower and middle reaches. This is why we recently decided to extend our mutual cooperation by a further two years, during which we will support the release of fish with a contribution of CZK 100,000," said Pavel Sláma, Manager of Unipetrol's Health, Safety and Environment Section. "Fish will be released into the Bílina twice a year – in spring and autumn," added Pavel Sláma.

"Thanks to the valuable cooperation between Unipetrol RPA and the Czech Anglers Union in Ústí nad Labem, the natural composition of fish populations in the Bílina is being restored. The process of repatriating original species is a long-term activity, which is further complicated by a number of unfavorable factors. One of the most serious negative impacts is the presence of the common cormorant, which eats or injures large numbers of fish during the winter. Despite these problems, the process of restoring the population of original species is successful," said Bc. Václav Jelínek, a technician of the North Bohemian Regional Board of the Czech Anglers Union.

The latest release of fish into the river constituted 300 kilograms of fish, i.e. up to 6,000 adult common roach, common rudd, orfe and common bream. A significant number of these fish will soon be in their breeding season, thus it is probable natural reproduction will take place directly in the river. Fish were released at five locations, specifically in the towns of České Zlatníky,Želenice, Hostomice, Lysec and Kozlíky. The towns were chosen as the best locations based on monitoring results obtained at the end of the previous three-year period of cooperation between Unipetrol RPA and the Czech Anglers Union in Ústí nad Labem.

In 2010 to 2012, Unipetrol RPA donated CZK 250 thousand for the release of fish into the Bílina. Fish were released several times during this period, especially the common carp and orfe.

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