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Cleaning of Railway Wagons
Cleaning technology for railway wagons:
  1. Steaming - medium pressure steam (pressure 0.8–1.2 MPa, temperature 190–230°C) is fed inside the container.
  2. Rinsing with a solvent (if needed – especially for dark goods).
  3. Rinsing with warm (hot) water: Rinsing is conducted using water with temperature of 60–90°C and pressure of 1-1.5 MPa. The warm (hot) water is sprayed inside the container using the FURY rotating nozzle.
  4. Rinsing with cold water or with pressurized cold water - rinsing with cold water with pressure of 0.45 MPa and 1.6 MPa is conducted for the purpose of cleaning some products or cooling down the container surface after hot cleaning.
  5. Pressure cleaning using the URACA 850-bar pump – can be conducted only for tanks and containers with top loading and without internal partitions, ladders and braces.
  6. Air drying
  7. If needed, solvents can be used and manual cleaning or final manual treatment conducted.

Used cleaning substances
Water, steam, crude oil, petroleum, recycled cleaners of the kerosene type, butyl acetate and white spirit.

Cleaned products

Pursuant to ADR/RID Remark / Limitation
Class 2. Pursuant to
Class 3.​​ Without limitation
Class 4.1. Only liquid sulfur
Class 8. Only empty tanks
Class 9. Without limitation

Price of the cleaning is governed by the valid price list. We issue a European Cleaning Document.

The cleaning station has 16 stands for railway wagons.


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