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Business Conditions
  1. A significant breach of the contract by the customer shall be considered especially the following: 
    - defaulting a payment by a contractual partner longer than 7 calendar days,
    - breaching the obligation of the customer to truthfully inform the contractor about the goods that were being transported prior to the cleaning, which resulted in endangering or damaging the environment, health or life of persons, or assets.
  2. Expenses for transporting the wagons and vehicles, freight charges, transport charges and delivery charges shall be fully paid by the customer.
  3. In accordance with the valid legislature of the Czech Republic, the appropriate VAT shall be added to the price. Price for the performed work shall be paid in cash or, in case of a contractual relation, based on the given invoice, which shall be issued within 15 days from the day of taxable fulfillment. The date of the taxable fulfillment shall be the last day of each calendar month.
  4. Invoices for the contractual partners shall be due within 21 days from their issue. If the invoiced amount is not paid during the defined period, the contractor shall be entitled to charge an interest on late payment in the amount of 0.05% of the amount in default for each commenced day when the payment is in default.
  5. The date of payment shall be the day when the invoiced amount is received on the contractor’s bank account, which is stated on the.
  6. The contractor shall be entitled to change the price for the performed work; the contractor shall inform about such a change the client in advance and in writing. Together with the notification about the price change, the contractor shall send the customer/contractual partner a written proposal of a contract amendment, which shall contain the change of the price for the performed work.

In case of contractual partners, the price change shall come into effect upon concluding the appropriate contract amendment by both parties. If the amendment is not concluded within 60 days from the day, when the notification about the price change together with a written proposal of a contract amendment were sent to the customer’s address, which the customer stated in writing as his last valid address, the contractor shall be entitled to withdraw from this contract in writing with a 1-month notice period. The notice period shall commence as of the first day of the calendar month that immediately follows the month when the notice was delivered to the customer.​


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